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We created a brand new logo and an E-Commerce site without the functionality of payment for bed linen & homewares, selling a big range for linen.

Casa Mondo was created in 1975 in Piraeus selling linen. In 1983 it was transferred to a privately owned space in Keratsini under the name LEFKO. In 1994 the father handed over the store to the children, where now, following the developments, they renovated and renamed the store Casa Mondo. So for 39 years in Keratsini we continue the tradition with the support of our customers, always striving for the best.


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We created a new logo design to make it stand up to the competition with a modern feel. Is was a challenge for us to make an ecommerce website without checkout and payment method and also to keep in mind the customer's experience to be flawless. We created custom icons to give the feeling of something unique. We loved the challenge and we think the result justified us!

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Flawless professionals with fresh suggestions! They listen to your needs and satisfy them to the fullest! The important thing is that they were very fast in the procedures but at the same time correct in what they promised! We will cooperate in the future for sure!

Elisavet Ieremiadou

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